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The law firm of Kelley & Grant, P.A. assists landlords with evicting tenants throughout the state of Florida. Reasons for eviction include the non-payment of rent, the expiration of a lease, termination of month to month tenancy, and tenant misconduct. If you are currently dealing with a difficult tenant and you want that tenant evicted, call our offices for a free consultation regarding your landlord rights.

Although the law allows you to evict a tenant by yourself, there are significant risks to not seeking the help of an experienced attorney. The eviction process is complex and filled with many legal pitfalls.  If your paperwork is incorrect and the tenant contests the eviction, you could find yourself paying attorneys fees and damages if the tenant wins. In addition you might be caught up in protracted litigation which could ultimately cost you additional money and unpaid rent.  Call us today to get your eviction done correctly and efficiently.

Although there are many websites and services which promise to file an eviction on your behalf for a very low fee, these services are very limited in what they can do under Florida law. They can help you only if the eviction is uncontested. They are not run by attorneys and they cannot give you legal advice. These services merely help fill out forms on your behalf. If any problems develop, such as the tenant disputing your eviction, you will not be able to continue using their services. You will have to continue the litigation on your own or pay more money to hire an attorney.

Our firm not only files all of the eviction pleadings on your behalf, but we also represent you at any mandatory mediations and hearings. This can become even more important if you happen to live out of state or out of county and own property locally. With a licensed attorney representing you, you never have to face the tenant.

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